About Us

ASAH has over 25 years experience in the aviation hardware industry. We strive to respond to each quote within 24 hours through our immediate response system. We offer first-rate customer service and support and pride ourselves on the largest inventory selection and international shipping options. All major credit cards including governement issued cards are accepted. We look forward to saving your company time and money on all your future requirements.

Mission Statement:

Our long-term success can only be achieved by fully satisfying and striving to exceed our customers’ expectations regarding the quality of our products and the timeliness and dependability of our delivery and service.

It is therefore our stated goal to provide our customers with quality products, timely delivery, and reliable service. Specifically, we aim to supply our customers with the largest selection of products available in our industry. We aim to provide our customers with timely delivery of our products and service.

In order to accomplish these goals we will maintain a quality system modeled after the ISO 9001 standard, and work to continuously improve quality in our products and service through appropriate quality-enhancing techniques until the level of customer satisfaction described is attained.